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All papers submitted to the Conference will be reviewed using a double-blind peer-review process. The maximum number of pages per paper is six (6). For more details about the peer-review process, download the relevant guide from the download area. The submission process is as follows:

  • The author creates his/her abstract and submits it through the on-line submission platform until the predefined deadline.
  • The Conference Scientific Committee decides about the acceptance or not of the abstract.
  • After abstract acceptance, the author has to submit his/her Conference paper until the Conference starting date (6-pages long following the given template).
  • Together with the Conference paper, the author must send the Copyright Transfer Form filled and signed.
  • During the Conference, all remaining papers will be reviewed by a Scientific panel.

The following diagram shows the different phases of a paper that is created and submitted by an author.

International Journal on Integrated Information Management


The International Journal on Integrated Information Management is an international, peer-reviewed journal which aims to bring its readers the very best analysis and discussion in the developing field of integrated information. IJIIM is organised, managed and maintained by an international team of scientists, with different background. Being a not-for-profit/non-commercial project, it is freely accessible and users are able to search and access full text documents. Searching and archiving in IJIIM are totally free for any user. Researchers, librarians, information management specialists, archivists, students and any person involved in integrated information are invited to submit their own articles. Indexed by CrossRef.

Library Review


Library Review aims to provide an international communication link between researchers, educators and library professionals in academic, public, company and other libraries by publishing papers which have been reviewed by the Editor and one or more reviewers, double-blind. Library Review publishes comprehensive papers by internationally acknowledged experts in the field of library and information management, offering technical and scholarly analysis alongside lively, topical discussions of current and future trends. It draws contributions from all over the world to give a genuinely international look at the current scene.

International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR)

IGI Global

The International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR) establishes an effective channel of communication between academic and research institutions, policy makers, government agencies, and persons concerned with the analysis of various aspects of the knowledge society. This journal anchors government policies and examines the characteristics of the emerging knowledge intensive economy and social environment. IJKSR investigates key priorities of the knowledge society in terms of critical aspects of human life (e.g. health, education, culture, science, business, etc.).


Full papers are submitted according to the template of the specific journal. Details about the submission process will be given on site during the Conference.

The official conference language is English. No simultaneous interpretation service will be provided during the conference.

The Conference presentations will consist of invited lectures, oral presentations, selected by the Program Committee, virtual presentations and posters. Multi plenary sessions is planned for all oral presentations.

Types of presentation

Invited Presentations:

Invited talks are 60 minutes long, including 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Oral Presentations:

Contributed oral presentations are 20 minutes long, including 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The paper must be presented by one of the co-authors. Oral presentations are to be made either using your laptop or the PC that will be available in the session room (Windows system + Powerpoint and Acrobat Reader). Please come to the session room 15 minutes before the session start to upload your presentation to the PC or to set up your laptop connection.

Poster Presentations:

The available board area for poster presentations is 80 cm (width) x 110 cm (height). Download from here detailed instructions for poster preparation. You must provide your own printout of the title, authors and poster itself. Scotch tape and the session paper designation sign will be provided by the Conference staff. You are requested to set up your poster in the morning, and remove it at the end of the afternoon poster session. One of the paper co-authors must be present and available for discussion at the afternoon poster session in order for that paper to be considered for publication in the conference proceedings. If you have any questions about conference presentations, do not hesitate to contact the conference desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Virtual Presentation:

For those unable to attend the Conference in person, virtual participation is also available. Virtual Papers give an author the possibility to take advantage of the networking opportunities of an International Conference, without physically attend the Conference. This is achieved by presenting his or her work in the Conference audience by uploading a presentation at the Virtual Room of the Conference Website. The Conference participants can enter the Virtual Room, see a presentation and post questions, remarks and comments at the author of the paper. Each time a participant post a comment or a question, the author of the paper automatically is notified and can answer this question. The participants on the other hand, can select to “follow” a virtual paper which means that each time something is posted relevant to this paper, the participant is notified. In this way, a discussion forum is builded around a Virtual Paper. Moreover, Virtual Papers also give the same publication opportunities as normal papers since they appear in the Conference Proceedings Volume as regular contributions. If a participant is registered for Virtual Presentation, automatically his or her paper is uploaded to the virtual room.

Proceedings in Business and Economics


Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics brings the most current research presented at conferences and workshops to a global readership. The series features volumes (in electronic and print formats) of selected contributions from conferences in all areas of economics, business, management, and finance. In addition to an overall evaluation by the publisher of the topical interest, scientific quality, and timeliness of each volume, each contribution is refereed to standards comparable to those of leading journals, resulting in authoritative contributions to the respective fields. Springer’s production and distribution infrastructure ensures rapid publication and wide circulation of the latest developments in the most compelling and promising areas of research today.

Instructions for manuscript preparation

Articles submitted for the Conference Proceedings must be according to the given template. Both source file (compressed in zip file format) and camera ready file (in pdf format) must be submitted. The submission is performed at the on-line submission system.

Paper templates

Conference related documents

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